A Message From Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

The Continuing Legacy of Second-Ponce in China


Several years ago, Christ Church in Tiananmen Square purchased property for their congregation but they did not have the money to construct a building. Under Chinese law, they had a window of time to build or the land would revert to the government. As time drew close, the church did not have the funds and were at risk of losing their property. In the eleventh hour, Second-Ponce de Leon pastor, Dr. David Sapp, delivered a $10,000 check to Pastor Meilin so that the work could continue. Today, that church, in one of China’s economically challenged areas, is thriving. As a result of the gift from Second-Ponce, there is a vibrant witness to Christ’s love in Tiananmen, China. I am grateful for Dr. Sapp’s leadership and I take pride in the legacy of mission that our church continues. Are you interested in being involved? Take a look at what the Global Church Team and the Engaged Church Team are planning next. You too make a difference.

I love being your pastor,