Core Values



Our intergenerational congregation offers a small community feel with the amenities of a large church where we honor traditional worship with a modern day message. Be prepared to sing from a hymnal and develop a personal connection with our members, ministers and staff. At Second-Ponce, we want to know you.

We are a congregation rooted deeply in the participatory worship of God, where intergenerational relationships are nurtured and all persons are encouraged to share through reverent and meaningful expression.

Our ministers and congregation participate in worship through the gifts of music, prayer, proclamation, and written word. Our traditional yet creative approach continually seeks to worship with a level of depth which honors God, and also our God-given intellect and curiosity.


We believe God wants us to genuinely care for one another, and we strive to create an environment where all persons can be known by name.

Everything we do, be it worship, service, study, mission or fellowship, builds community and reliance between our Creator and ourselves. We are deliberate in our planning and implementation of ministries, programs and events so the potential for fellowship and cooperation thrives.


Mission is the fundamental reality of our Christian life together at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. As Christians, God has called us to work together to fulfill His purpose for humanity. In other words, our local church is tasked with sharing God’s mission to the world, which results in many diverse ministries.

By combining mission education, partnerships and outreach to our immediate community and beyond in our global community, Second-Ponce seeks to “take the whole gospel to the whole person”, as was demonstrated by Jesus’ ministry on earth. The spiritual, physical, and social well-being of those we encounter must remain at the forefront of our priorities. The faithful use of our time, talents, resources and lives in this community are central to our commitment to share in God’s mission. As a result, we form relationships as we serve together which proclaim the life-giving and life-changing message of Christ.


We are a Christ-centered church family equipping people to discover their calling in the world through spiritual formation, leadership development, and faithful living. Prayer, scripture study, mission and fellowship are all critical factors in the continued development of Christ’s followers. The spiritual development of young people has been a priority for the church since our inception. We strive to continue to build on our rich heritage by providing multiple opportunities for growth, development and service for people of all ages.