Sharing stories of doing life together in A Year of We

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At Second-Ponce, we’ve named 2018 “A Year of We,” and that means intentionally celebrating the ways our church family is “doing life together.” In the side bar, you’ll find a link to an article written by our senior pastor, Dr. Dock Hollingsworth, about this church-wide theme.

Every other Wednesday, personal narratives written by church members and ministry partners will be posted on this page. These stories highlight how God uses the relationships we build here to grow us as individuals and grow us as a church family.

December 26, 2018

2018 through Reflection and Invitation

By Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

As you might imagine, I see lots of church websites and pictures and posters. Friends who are pastors, post on Facebook and I regularly go to church websites to get phone numbers or check on a friend. I have noticed that our church pictures look different from most. Notice sometime, how many pictures of our life together are inter-generational. Mission projects, the Peachtree Road Race and Women’s Fellowship and just regular shots of Sunday mornings where a three-year-old is in the lap of a senior adult whose only connection to the toddler is that we do life together at Second-Ponce.

I declared 2018 as “The Year of We,” a celebration of how our church is not driven by programming but by relationship. Across a great span of years and experience, we are showing up for each other and investing in being connected. I have seen pictures of you at each other’s birthday parties and high school football games and music recitals. Our relationships are formed here but they represent throughout the week and they bind us in important ways.

I once heard a Baptist historian talk about shopping malls and Mom-and-Pop hardware stores. He pointed out that huge malls, that are built around convenience and offerings, fall on hard times when a newer, fancier mall is built. But, he noted that small shops that are built on relationships endure. There are few churches in Atlanta where each person who enters is greeted by name and a handshake or hug. We do life together, in personal and inter-generational ways that I celebrate.

Do you know anybody who might need this kind of personal connection in their life? Do you know an Atlanta college student who is far from the supports of family? Do you know a widow/widower who needs the gifts of community? Is there a young family in your neighborhood, just transferred to Atlanta, whose children have no extended family like the church? Consider who else might want to be part of a loving community, trying to learn how to be more loving through the model of Christ. I hope you will invite them soon. It is good to do life together with you.

I love being your pastor,