Sharing stories of doing life together in A Year of We

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At Second-Ponce, we’ve named 2018 “A Year of We,” and that means intentionally celebrating the ways our church family is “doing life together.” In the side bar, you’ll find a link to an article written by our senior pastor, Dr. Dock Hollingsworth, about this church-wide theme.

Every other Wednesday, personal narratives written by church members and ministry partners will be posted on this page. These stories highlight how God uses the relationships we build here to grow us as individuals and grow us as a church family.

November 28, 2018

With An Attitude of Grace and Worship

By Sharon Lim Harle

I started attending Second-Ponce  in 1984 by means of (a) persistent invitation from the late Dr. Monroe Swilley, who served as Pastor Emeritus.  He boasted that his church has the BEST music program anywhere and that I should be part of it.  I joined the Chapel Choir almost immediately, and was graciously welcomed by the Music Minister, John Condra.  In a few short months, I became a member of the church and was baptized by Dr. Robert Marsh.  This church was where I met my husband, where we were married and where we dedicated our daughter.  Second-Ponce has been and continues to be, our place of worship and our community of faith.

Fast forward 34 years, and I am still singing in the Choir! Through the years in the Music Ministry at Second-Ponce, the one consistent and prevailing reminder as we sing every week is that we do not sing for someone, but rather TO the glory of God.  We lead in worship and we bring our church community together in God-inspired music as we gather in the act of obedience in worship.  The Sanctuary Choir is a place where we have all learnt the “art” of church music, where friendships run deep and prayers are uttered with great love for one another. This group of singers and worshipers share their lives and talents the way they know how – to come before the congregation every week with an attitude of grace and worship.  It is a spectacular thing.