Second-Ponce wants to be a tangible reminder of God’s presence in times of fear and sorrow. Compassion, sensitivity and encouragement are cornerstones of our approach to pastoral care. As a church, we take seriously our call to care for one another. How can we care for you today?

Prayer List and Visitation

We keep an ongoing prayer list that is distributed three times a week to our members and is available securely online. We are intentional to remember these names in staff meetings, small groups and at Fellowship Supper. Each month, we send cards to those on our prayer list as reminders of this community of support.

Visitation in homes, hospitals and rehab facilities is a welcome opportunity to spend time in-person with individuals and families facing challenging circumstances. We always ask permission before arriving to ensure that visitation is welcome and appropriate.

Contact Vicki McCaskey in our church office at 404.591.4344 to add a name to our prayer list or request visitation. Or click the button below to send an email.

Sharing Sympathy

We are honored to share sympathy with you and your family during times of deep grief. Click the button below to send an email to Vicki McCaskey in the church office and share with us the names of loved ones who have recently passed away. Or call Vicki at 404.591.4344.

Bereavement Care

The death of a loved one is a time of emotional distress and grief, burdens you don’t have to bear alone. Let us offer a steady, sensitive presence as you mourn and hopeful words of encouragement as you heal.

Contact Vicki McCaskey in the church office at 404.591.4344 to begin funeral arrangements. Or click the button below to send an email.

After-Hours Care & Emergencies

Pastoral care is available in after-hours emergencies by calling the main church line at 404.266.8111. Instructions on the recording will help you leave a voice message which will then be forwarded to a minister.

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia

In addition to our own pastoral staff, the Buckhead office of the Care and Counseling Center of Georgia is housed at Second-Ponce. They provide Christian counseling services to clients who have been referred to them by the church. Established in response to the growing needs of individuals and families, their services are open to everyone.

Consider an appointment with the Care & Counseling Center if you experience:

  • a desire for personal growth through self-understanding

  • difficulty coping with life problems

  • depression, fear, anger, guilt or anxiety

  • major life traumas such as illness, aging, divorce, vocational changes or unemployment

  • parenting challenges

  • marital or relationship difficulty

  • addiction or a relationship with someone who struggles with addiction

  • feelings of emptiness, boredom, worthlessness or meaninglessness

  • other problems that feel overwhelming

Second-Ponce is honored to partner with the Care and Counseling Center. Contact the Second-Ponce office for a referral, or call the Center directly at 404. 636.1457 ext. 466, to speak with resident counselor Kelly Autry. Or click the button below to send an email.