April 11, 2018

SPdL Young Adults Prioritize a Commitment to Community

By James Brenden Hollingsworth

At Second-Ponce, our young adult group participates in a myriad of outings designed to grow closer to each other and to our broader faith home. I believe each excursion, big or small, has an individual and unique impact with respect to our Christian community. Of the events I have been fortunate enough to be involved with, I think our weekly Bible study has made the largest impact on our group and its continued success.

On Tuesday nights, we gather either at a group members house or, if offered, an older member of the congregation will host. We begin with fellowship and a meal together, and then Tim Boone, our minister to young adults, leads us in a Bible study. This time together has many benefits both surface-level and intrinsically that perpetuate the feelings of family and community which the group prides itself in fostering. Whether we have eight young adults or twenty at any given meeting, the framework remains the same. The Bible study is built around the schedules and demands of working young adults, therefore instead of feeling like another obligation, the leadership creates an environment that feels more like a weekly chance to reset. The ability to have something constant, rooted in faith and fellowship, becomes less a burden and more a necessity to help deal with the pace our lives during the week. This Bible study also allows those young professionals who may be a transplant from another state or community to have a dependable group of people their own age to connect and identify with through their transition. My experience over this time together has found the Bible study to be more of a spiritual renewal and less focused on strictly academic study.

Our group consists of roommates, friends and a family of believers. This ministry has shown to be a place where young people seeking stability evolve into active contributors in our community and future leaders of Second-Ponce among other faith communities in the years to come. The benefit of not only Bible study, but every young adult event, is the tangible impact this ministry has on individuals involved. Taking a demographic commonly lost in traditional church structure and not just addressing that void, but over time establishing the young adult ministry as a driving force in the prosperity of our church family.