October 24, 2018

Cooler Weather, Crisp Blue Skies and the Dr. Seuss Sports Car

By Renee Grubbs

Oh fall, you are well on your way to Atlanta! Nights get cooler, leaves turn beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, football season is in full swing and kids have settled into the school routine once again.

One of my favorite sights is how our church steeple stands out in the beautiful, crisp blue sky. What a pleasant thing for our fellow Atlantans to see as they drive up and down Peachtree (THE Peachtree Road not to be confused with all the other “Peachtrees”). This is just a visible reminder that Second-Ponce is a welcoming church. We offer many community outreach programs where we can invite friends, neighbors and newcomers to our church. One of my favorites is Trunk-or -Treat for Halloween. Kids are always so excited for Halloween!

We started attending and decorating a trunk when our children were small. They enjoyed visiting each family vehicle, looking at the decorations and most of all collecting the candy! The food and games kept them entertained as they visited with friends and made new acquaintances. Now that they are older, they get a kick out of handing out candy and offering face painting services or assisting with the games.

I always enjoy seeing all the ghosts and goblins, princesses and superheroes parading through the parking lot. I love sitting next to different members of our church family and actually having the time to talk and laugh together. If you haven’t witnessed Melissa Hollingsworth’s Dr. Seuss sports car, the creative Cookie Monster Kelly Anderson made, taken a mini trip to Paris, or had a chance to tease Dr. David Hull about the cleanest overalls of any farmer I have ever seen, you are missing out! No need to worry about running out of candy. Edie Whitaker brings enough to keep an elementary school on a sugar high for month! Good thing there are hot dogs and popcorn for dietary balance (wink, wink).

We always get a good turnout from the Preschool and our church neighbors so please make plans to attend this fun outreach! The Second-Ponce Trunk-or-Treat lets us share God’s love with our community providing a safe place for children to enjoy a favorite fall event. Happy Halloween!