June 27, 2018

God is Enough. We are Enough

A Report on this year’s Passport summer camp with SPdL youth.

By Rev. Ryan Wilson

Last week, Heather Franklin (our summer youth intern) and I led a group of Second-Ponce middle and high school students to PASSPORT Camp at Greensboro College in North Carolina. We joined with hundreds of other youth and adults from around the region and what an incredible week we had! Let me start by saying, “Thank you!” to our students who participated, their parents for sending and encouraging them and to all who supported and prayed for us before, during and now after our trip.

PASSPORTchoices, is a 6-day, 5-night creative discipleship youth camp that allows students the freedom to customize their camp experience, explore their passions and live out their calling. At PASSPORTchoices, students choose from multiple afternoon activities designed to help them cultivate their unique identity as followers of Jesus Christ. With “choice” tracks ranging from environmentalism, to health and fitness, to music and ministry, students have opportunities to explore their interests and discover how to live out the calling of God in their lives.

Our group divided up into five of these “choices”: Game Face – sports and recreation, Curtain Call – drama, Tree Space – environmentalism, Victory Lap – for juniors and seniors about transitioning from high school and Missions – mission projects and service activities. We all took something away from our experiences in our “choice” activities, learning new things and making new friends.

The overall theme of our week was “Enough” and over five days we explored how “Enough” means “as much or as many as required.” It is a word we use when we are tired, full or when the job is complete. We explored the big idea that God is enough for whatever comes our way. We thought about how God made a way so that in Christ, we are enough. We also discussed how God’s plan is that there is enough for everyone; and how as followers of Christ we can use our voices to say, “Enough already!” when we see injustice and inequity in this world. All of us, students and adults, took something away from this theme and our experience engaging these ideas alongside one another.