the list: 100 essential scriptures


The List

by Dr. David Hull, associate pastor

I have always enjoyed the music of Johnny Cash. In fact, the very first concert of popular music that I ever attended was when my parents took me to see him at the Kentucky State Fair for my twelfth birthday. About that same time my Dad and I would watch the Johnny Cash show on television together.

A few years ago, a newspaper article caught my eye. It seems that Johnny Cash had made a list of 100 Essential Country Songs and passed it down to his daughter Roseanne when she was eighteen. She has now recorded twelve of them in a compilation called β€œThe List.” From the experience of the father comes a list that has now been interpreted by the child and has been shared with the larger community. I saw possibilities for the church in what I was reading.

For more than sixty years my Dad preached and taught the Scriptures in churches, seminaries and colleges. His work as a biblical scholar, pastoral preacher and administrative leader gave him a unique perspective to offer a list of 100 Essential Scripture Passages. Knowing that he was faced with a terminal illness, I asked him for a list of the essential passages from the perspective of his long ministry. Click the button below to access his suggestions. I believe that your spiritual journey will be enriched by giving thoughtful and prayerful study to these passages from the Bible.