May 9, 2018

In Spirit and in Truth

A Prayer for Second-Ponce by Pendy Bailey with an introduction by Dr. David Hull

Pendy Bailey has called Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist church home for just over fifty years. She understands well what “doing life together” with a church family is all about. She’s ministered with and to her church family amid the congregation’s births, deaths, weddings, job losses, graduations and all of the normal everyday “stuff” of life. Through it all, she has found a source of power, solace, comfort and direction through her rich prayer life.

We invited Pendy to share a prayer for her church:

Heavenly Father,

We come before you with our praise and thanksgiving for who you are—our Maker, Sustainer—God!

We seek your mercy and forgiveness for any iniquities we have committed and offer our repentant and humble hearts, as we enter into your holy presence.

We bring to you – at this time – our beloved Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church which you established and have led for so many years and where we are still free to worship you “in spirit and in truth.” Thank you for this great blessing.

Individually and collectively we desire to be the church you want us to be, in every way, as we live in today’s perilous times. We know that only with your power is this possible. We ask you to enable us to do this.

We thank you for Jesus; His marvelous sacrifice for us; His teachings and gift of the Holy Spirit to dwell within us at all times to be all that is needed if we allow Him.

Help us to be obedient to Jesus’ command to love as he first loved us, as we love ourselves and to love each other, to “feed his sheep,” to “abide in Him,” to so live that we see others as God sees them and others will see Jesus in us, to put everything about us into the “hands of God” asking that you be in charge – moment by moment, day by day.

We desire to reflect your Gospel—with your help—so well that we will “be one,” as Jesus prayed for us to be and so that others will want Him to be their Savior and Lord also.

We pray these prayers in Jesus’ strong, all powerful name, through the power of your Holy Spirit.