About SPdLU

SPdLU is a Second-Ponce’s Wednesday night program. SPdLU offers unique and in-depth “seminary-style” courses about the Bible, theology, spiritual development and Christian living to adult students in the greater Atlanta area, all on the campus of Second-Ponce. The courses offered at SPdLU will cover a wide range of topics. They are all designed to give adults new and varied ways to grow intellectually and spiritually, address questions asked by Christians and non-Christians alike and help you develop a richer understanding of and deeper faith in God and His word.


Join us on Wednesday Nights This Fall

October 4 and October 11
6:00-7:00 Fellowship Hall

Dr Jeffrey Willetts Dean and the Professor of the Philosophy of Religion at the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University will lead us in an intriguing study as we wrestle with the difficult and confusing questions of Christianity.

Dr. Willetts was founding dean and former vice president at the John Leland Center for Theological Studies in Arlington, Virginia. Dr. Willetts has served as editor of several theological journals and philosophical publications, is the author of numerous academic papers and presentations, and is active in the Baptist World Alliance, the Society for Philosophy of Religion and the American Academy of Religion.

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