What is SPdLU?
SPdLU is a new program of informal, seminary-style courses that will provide biblical and theological education to adults in the Greater Atlanta community that want to know more about the Christian faith and life and experience spiritual growth.

Who teaches SPdLU courses?
SPdLU courses are taught by professors from prominent seminary campuses in the greater Atlanta area and senior ministers and lay leaders at Second-Ponce.

When do SPdLU classes meet?
SPdLU classes meet 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday evenings during the fall and spring semesters. We also anticipate offering mini-sessions during the summer and Christmas seasons.

Where do SPdLU classes meet?
Most SPdLU classes will meet in the Fellowship Hall at Second-Ponce. Many electives, however, will meet in other instructional rooms at Second-Ponce. Appropriate signage will direct students to the proper location for each course.

When can I register for SPdLU courses?
Registration for SPdLU course will generally begin about a month before the beginning of each semester and run until the evening of each course’s launch. Walk-ins will be accepted when space allows.

How much do SPdLU courses cost?
The vast majority of SPdLU courses will be free to all students. Some courses will require a small fee to cover the cost of course materials (books, handouts, audio resources, etc.).

Will I receive confirmation that I have registered for an SPdLU course?
By registering online, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming your registration. Otherwise, please call the Second-Ponce office at (404) 266-8111 for confirmation or any other questions.

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