Our Ministry Together: A Message from Associate Pastor, Dr. David Hull

Thank you for the gracious way that you have welcomed me into the life of Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with you in the years to come. I have found a small apartment near the church that will be my home in Atlanta on the days I am working at the church. My wife continues to live in Watkinsville where she is pastor of the Union Christian Church. Since my work at the church is part-time (about 2/3 time) I will be living in Atlanta about half of each month and in Watkinsville the other half. This is obviously a change from a full-time Associate Pastor, so how will this work?

One of my primary assignments is to give leadership to the ministry staff in the coordination and deployment of our overall church ministry. My normal workdays in the church office will be Mondays through Wednesdays, and during this time I will meet with staff and other church members to plan and develop these ministries. In addition, I will be present for at least two Sundays per month, helping with Bible Study and worship as I am needed. We have a wonderful and gifted staff, and I already cherish our teamwork as we serve together.

Pastoral care is the other focus of my work. You can help me with this. As you know of care needs please call the church office and let us know. You can share this information with Vicki McCaskey, who will make sure that I get the information about someone in the hospital, or a death or some other kind of need. After office hours and on weekends you can still call the church office and leave a message on the emergency pastoral care voice mail and that will be sent to me. I will coordinate our team of ministers to respond as quickly as we can. Often that will be a contact or visit from me, but if I am not in town we will have someone who is ready to help. In this pastoral care role, I will also be the one who will work closely with families at the time of a death of a church member and will give leadership for many of the funerals or memorial services.

I look forward to our ministry together. Keep on introducing yourselves to me so that I can learn your names. If you ever need me, fee free to call or email at 404.591.4341 or dhull@spdl.org.

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