Pastoral Care

We are a caring church, especially when there is profound need. Our people are interested in each other’s welfare and have provided for caregiving.

As a community of faith, one of the privileges we share is sensitive, loving presence. There are so many ways we can impact each other. Whether it be visitation, a handwritten note, our prayer time together or an educational program, we share the call to care.

Help us help you

The members of your Second-Ponce de Leon staff are caring ministers. Sometimes, however, we find out about a hospitalization, illness or even a death long after the fact. Often, people assume that if others in the church know about a member’s illness or death, staff members must know as well. But that is not always the case.

You can help us by seeing that someone calls the church with pertinent information in the event of a pastoral need. Please share this information with Vicki McCaskey at (404)591-4344. This will let us follow up with you in a timely manner. In an after-hours emergency, pastoral help is available by calling the main church number, (404)266-8111. Instructions on the recording will help you leave a voice message about a pastoral care emergency which will then be forwarded to a minister. As soon as possible, a minister will call you back.

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