Pastoral Counseling

Second-Ponce Wants to Help You
Our own Pastoral staff, is ready to talk with you when you have a need. Call us at (404) 266-8111. We want to serve. In addition, the Care and Counseling Center provides Christian counseling services to clients who have been referred to them from Second-Ponce de Leon. Contact us for a referral, or call the Center directly at (404) 636-1457 ext. 577, to speak with Kim Woodard, center director.

Consider counseling when you experience:

  • a desire for personal growth through self-understanding
  • difficulty coping with life problems
  • depression, fear, anger, guilt or anxiety
  • major life traumas such as illness, aging, divorce, vocational changes or unemployment
  • parenting challenges
  • marital or relationship difficulty
  • addiction or a relationship with someone who struggles with addiction
  • feelings of emptiness, boredom, worthlessness or meaninglessness
  • other problems that feel overwhelming

Christians experience the same emotional pain and stress as everyone else. Jesus never promised us an easy life, but He did promise to be with us in our difficulties. Pastoral counseling is one way to help you use the resources of your faith to heal. Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church is also proud to partner with the Care and Counseling Center. Established in response to needs of individuals and families who struggle with personal problems, conflicted relationships, religious concerns, and adjustments to life, the services are open to all persons. Contact the Care and Counseling Center directly for an appointment.

James Kingman or Lynda Sarkisian