May 30, 2018

Paying It Forward: Fond VBS Memories Inspire Volunteerism

By Jim Weldon

When someone mentions VBS, I immediately remember the great times I had as a child… Riding to work with my dad, then walking across the street from his office to meet my friends at church. We would line up outside and march in to the sanctuary where the day would begin. There was an opening devotion by the Pastor, new songs to learn, saying the pledge to both the American and Christian Flags and, when I was old enough, there was the honor of getting to carry the flag and lead in prayer. After the morning activities, we would go with our grade level groups to study Bible stories, learn about missionaries, make crafts and giving an offering in support the missions we had learned about.

Over the years, my role in VBS has changed, but most of what I loved about the experience has not. Now, I have the opportunity of helping to provide these memories for a new generation, and a different set of memories for me. I get to see the wonder in a child’s eyes as they come to realize the true meaning of new and familiar Bible stories. I help kids make their crafts and sometimes, they stop me in the hall to give me high-fives.

If you have the opportunity to help during VBS and have not yet volunteered, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to be blessed by our children and relive some wonderful childhood memories of your own.