Read more about our approach to stewardship below or complete the online pledge form.

You Are Instrumental

Your connection to Second-Ponce is not an accident; It is by design. Together, we can offer more hope, more joy and more love to an aching world. Sustained stewardship allows Second-Ponce to address with expediency and purpose today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Giving to Second-Ponce supports the work that upholds our core values of worship, mission, community and discipleship. We ask you to prayerfully consider the role of giving in fulfilling your God-given purpose. We ask you to answer God’s call to stewardship by saying, “I’m in.”

How Your Giving Works

SteStewardship is a cherished practice in Christian life. It is as much an act of worship as praying and singing. Your generosity funds ministry programs that share faith and fellowship with children and youth and focus on enriching adults through small groups and spiritual formation. Missions opportunities are also possible through funded partnerships with Buckhead Christian Ministry, Orchard, McAfee School of Theology, Shepherd Center and Atlanta-based collegiate ministries at Georgia State University and Georgia Tech.

Why Pledging Matters

A stewardship pledge is unique from other gifts in that it is both a spiritual practice and a practical way to support the mission of Second-Ponce. As we look to strengthen our donor base, your stewardship is more important than ever. When you pledge, you deepen your connection to our warm and loving church family and take an active role
in serving and caring for our community.

A quick and convenient pledge form is included below or you can download a printable version of our pledge card.