March 14, 2018

Pottery Class, Food Trucks & God’s Love for Us All

A Look Back at the Youth Winter Summit

By Charlie Duerr with an Introduction by Rev. Ryan Wilson

In January, a group of youth and adults from Second-Ponce attended the Winter Youth Summit in Huntsville, Alabama joining over 400 students from around the southeast. More than 15 churches from three states attended the Summit at First Baptist Church in Huntsville. For two days our students engaged in worship, breakout sessions, special activities and time together as a group. Josh Griffin, from Saddleback Church in California and Download Youth Ministry was the keynote speaker leading the weekend around the theme “Beyond: Immeasurably More,”focusing on Ephesians 3:20. This is the second time our students have attended this one-of-a-kind event where they could learn more about themselves, each other and God through this special youth experience. One of our middle school students, Charlie Duerr, attended this event and wrote about his experience. Here’s what
he had to say:

The Winter Youth Summit retreat was great in many ways. First, I strengthened many relationships through the fun activities with the counselors. My favorite activity was the sculpture making with the clay. It was a great way to express ourselves through the work of pottery. Second, Mr. Griffin was super funny with his jokes, stories, and all of his sermons. He created an engaging story, that also taught us about the work of God and how he loves each and every one of us. Third, the ending party was SO MUCH FUN! I loved watching the carpool karaoke, and I was even a
part of the cookie on the face challenge. It was so cool how one person from every church was included to be a part of something on stage. Lastly, all of the people there were so nice, and you could tell that they cared about you even though they barely knew you. Overall, I had an amazing time at the Winter Youth Summit, and I will totally come next
year if it happens again.

P.S. I also loved the food trucks, even though we had to wait in the freezing weather. But I think it was worth it.