Guided Prayer Suggestions

Here are some ways in which you might approach your prayer time. You are joining with fellow Second-Ponce de Leon friends in supporting your church and God’s kingdom. We trust in your competence to encounter the Living God in whatever manner you may see fit.  However, we know that from time to time you may appreciate a more structured or guided approach.

How much time should I spend?

No one can prescribe an appropriate amount of time for you. But as a guideline, covenant with God to spend an amount of time that challenges you! If that’s 10 minutes, start there. If it’s a half-hour—that’s between you and God.

When should I pray?

Many people recommend setting a regular time so that prayer becomes a discipline that you will reliably perform. Ideally, this is what you would do too!

No one knows your schedule as well as you do. Some people enjoy starting their day with God! The more important consideration is to find a time when you will pray. That’ll be the “right” time to pray. Additionally, pray as God leads and you have opportunity to step away into fellowship with the Creator.

Where should I go?

  • It may be a quiet place in your home.
  • Or, you may need to close the door to your office.
  • Occasionally, outdoors may hold your sanctuary for a season of prayer!
  • There is always a prayer space here at Second-Ponce de Leon. Utilize this sacred space, letting the effort and history of the space draw you nearer to God. We are blessed to have a beautiful, dedicated place to call our Prayer Room. Located on the third floor of our Chapel Building just outside of the Swilley Chapel. Come on a Sunday, or during Church office hours (8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday).

Spend some time “centering”

You’re trying to enter into fellowship with God.  Block out grocery lists, phone messages and other distractions. Focus visually and spiritually on God. Some find a word, an image or a phrase to say aloud (meditatively and repeatedly), as they “center”. You might try:

  • Hear me, Lord Jesus
  • Almighty God
  • Help me to see you, oh God
  • Be near me Lord
  • Eternal
  • Gracious

What could I pray about?

Pray with the People represented by the names from our Prayer List:
Picture those whom you know.  Celebrate that God knows them all, including those you don’t.

Let newspaper headlines give you prayer needs:
Follow the leading of the Spirit as you find matters of concern.

Pray for the Ministries of Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church:
Read the church calendar and pray for support of the services, meetings, rehearsals and other groupings you find.

Remember the mission we all share:

  • Pray for God to grow your own personal sense of being on-mission as Christ’s people in a world that needs the love of God.
  • Ask God how you can be on-mission here through the life and ministry of Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church.
  • Pray for a spirit of hospitality that will open you to newcomers and guests as you attend Worship and Bible Study at Second-Ponce.