Proposed Bylaws

A Special Called Conference will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2017 immediately following worship in Fellowship Hall. During this important meeting, we will vote on proposed changes to the bylaws. These changes deal specifically with the issue of when Church Conferences are held, establishing a quorum for meetings and identifying areas where family members may serve together as well as those areas where family members of Church Staff members may serve.

Currently, Article III, Section 5 of the bylaws requires that a minimum of 100 members be present in order to satisfy the quorum requirement. It has been a challenge to meet the quorum requirement in recent years. Two proposals will be presented at the Special Called Conference to address the issue. The first proposes to change the day on which Church Conferences are held from Wednesday evening to Sunday immediately following the 11 a.m. worship service. This proposal will be considered first and if it passes, the second proposal will not be presented. The second proposal reduces the quorum to the number of members present at any meeting. The proposal requires that new business motions may be presented at any Church Conference but may only be voted on at a later meeting. Further, the proposed change requires that new business and unfinished business motions be published in the Church News and in the worship bulletins beginning at least 14 days prior to the meeting in which those items would be considered.

Section 3 – Church Conferences: Church conferences shall be held at its house of worship quarterly, after the regular morning worship service on Sunday following the third Monday of January, April, July and October. The October Church conference also shall be the annual Church Conference. Such dates may be changed by the Church in conference or by the Chair of the Board of Deacons or the Pastor upon giving notice in the manner prescribed for Special Conferences.

The second change proposed to the bylaws relates to family members serving together in roles of lay leadership. While the bylaws do not specifically address this issue, it has been Second-Ponce’s practice to disallow family members of staff members from serving in roles of lay leadership. The proposed change allows spouses and family members to serve concurrently as Deacons and on all committees with the exception of the Executive Committee. While family members of Church Staff members may serve on the Deacon Board and in other lay leadership roles, they may not serve on the Executive Committee or the Personnel Committee.

A full discussion of these proposals was held during the Church in Conference on October 18 but a quorum was not present at the meeting. The special called meeting is being held with the expectation that a quorum can be present on a Sunday and we can move forward to vote on these proposals. If you’d like to review the language of these proposed changes, please follow the links: Proposal for Church Conference, Section 3 of SPdL Bylaws. If you have questions regarding these proposed changes, please contact Jeff Miller at 404.591.4356 or


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