ATL Ministry Teams

The Bible makes clear that God was a “sent one” who took the initiative to redeem his creation. Likewise, we are the “sent” people of God, and we see ourselves as being sent into the world. We seek to disciple, develop and deploy our congregation into the post-Christian culture around us so that they can make a difference as “salt and light.”

We have God-sized dreams intended to give us opportunities to experience a touch from God that can only be accomplished with God. A church-wide visioning process in 2014-2015 was called “ATL: Atlanta Through Love.” As a result of this dreaming and planning process, we now organize our ministries around the following strategic priorities:

An Engaged Church
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church is renowned for engaging the Buckhead and Greater Atlanta communities by identifying and developing strategic ministry partnerships and mobilizing people within the community for ministry engagement.

A Global Church
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church shares the Good News and ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of a hurting world beyond Atlanta. We identify and develop strategic ministry partnerships while mobilizing people to ministry engagement as part of the body of Christ.

An Inviting Church
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church eagerly invites the unchurched Atlanta community to membership, discipleship, and involvement in the life and mission of our church.

A Teaching Church
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church is highly valued throughout Greater Atlanta for exceptional theological education that prepares people of any age or background for deployment into our vast mission field. We sponsor dynamic theological education events for our congregation and the community, and enjoy an active partnership with local seminaries.

A Generous Church
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church is rooted in an abundant spirit where each person generously invests his or her time, influence and resources for the advancement of the church and the Kingdom of God.

A Connected Church
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church transparently communicates a shared vision of its identity, mission and ministries, and employs innovative, multifaceted and engaging strategies for communicating within and beyond the church.