Adult sunday school

Current Classes

College/Young Professionals
Join us for conversation and fellowship among college graduates and young professionals.
Members: College students and recent graduates, under 30
Room: B-130

Relát! is a Sunday School class for parents. The class focuses on our Relationship with God, our Relationship with our Family and our Relationship with Each Other.
Members: Young parents, married or single
Room: A-340

Bridge Builders
The Bridge Builders Class is filled with active discussion based upon study of the Bible and other resources. Members are engaged in multiple ministries throughout the church and the local community. The objective of the class is to grow in faith and love for our God, our neighbor, and one another, while living in a way that honors the teachings and standards set forth by Jesus Christ.
Members: Co-ed, primarily ages 30-55
Room: B-132

Billie F. Johnson Class
We are a caring group of people who socialize together in Sunday school as well as outside the class. We use videos as a springboard for class discussion. We donate toys to the Grant Park ministry.
Members: Co-ed, age range between 40’s and 60’s
Room: B-136

Biblical Explorers
The Biblical Explorers Community provides an opportunity for a life-on-life journey through Scripture that will result in the discovery of biblical truths for the transformation of life. A verse-by-verse study of a selected book of the Bible will be experienced though a discussion-oriented format. This opportunity is open to all adventurers regardless of their level of biblical knowledge.
Members: Primarily ages 45-60 but all are welcome
Room: B-131

The Grace Class is focused on an in-depth study of the Scriptures and their application to family life, work, and our role in the world outside of the four walls of the church. The values of the class are authenticity, thoughtfulness, racial diversity among our members, praying for our city and the world, and serving in the various communities in metro Atlanta. Our teaching emphasis in the class is on application of the scriptures.
Members: Co-ed, single and married. All ages are enthusiastically welcomed but our predominant age is 50+
Room: B-137

New Covenant
We focus on Bible Study, fellowship, member support and mission outreach, primarily through the Georgia Avenue Mission. We meet in an informal, round-table format. Members are welcome to participate as they feel comfortable. The class is very open and caring, meeting its members wherever they may be in their Walk. We enrich each other by sharing our differing perspectives and various life experiences.
Members: Concentrated in the early 50’s to the early 60’s but younger and older members are welcome to enrich our class.
Room: B-133

Open Door
We are an energetic, diverse group of people who enjoy fellowship and studying God’s Word together. Our four teachers rotate weekly, each bringing a different style and method to our study. Discussion enriches our experience together.
Members: Co-ed single adults and married couples, ages 60 to 80+
Room: A-250

Prayer & Praise
We are a small, intimate group of women—wives, mothers, grandmothers—still learning the ways and wisdom of our Heavenly Father and being led by the resurrected Jesus. Each woman brings a special talent to the group.
Members: Women ages 65+
Room: A-255

Adult 3 Department
We meet together as a group for opening assembly, guest speakers, and announcements before moving into our smaller groups for Bible study.
Members: Men & Women, ages 60 to 80+
Assembly Room: B-109

Classes include:

  • EEE/George Ray
    In 2017, the EEE and George Ray classes merged to form one group for study and fellowship. The original EEE—“Earnest, Enthusiastic Endeavor”—was organized in 1924 at the old Second Baptist Church, Washington Street and Capitol Avenue. The class motto when the class was organized was “Where the Young Man Steps into the Church.” The class started the “Helping Hand Fund” in 1969 to help with educational expenses for nursing students. Begun in the early 1950’s, the original George Ray class for young men was named for its original teacher, George Ray, a Georgia Tech graduate. New members have been added since its inception to continue the classes’ vision and mission.
    Members: Men, ages 60 to 80+
    Room: B-119

  • Friendship
    The Friendship class offers small group Bible study and discussion taught by a rotating group of teachers. We gather in fellowship together at various lunches throughout the year and care for each other through prayer and visiting in each other’s homes.
    Members: Women, ages 60 to 80+
    Room: B-116

  • Philathea-Ruth
    The Philathea-Ruth class offers small group bible study and discussion taught by a rotating group of teachers. We gather in fellowship together at various lunches throughout the year and care for each other through prayer and visiting in each other’s homes.
    Members: Women, ages 60 to 80+
    Room: B-108

  • Radiant
    Our class enjoys small group Bible study and discussion each week. We focus on Bible study, member support, and Christian fellowship.
    Members: Women, ages 60 to 80+
    Room: B-129

Campbell-Stone (off-site at the retirement center)
Bible study is offered weekly at the Campbell-Stone Retirement Center in Buckhead.