The List: 100 Essential Scripture Passages

The List

By Dr. David Hull

I have always enjoyed the music of Johnny Cash. In fact, the very first concert of popular music that I ever attended was when my parents took me to a Johnny Cash concert at the Kentucky State Fair for my twelfth birthday. About that same time my Dad and I would watch the Johnny Cash show on television together.

A few years ago, a newspaper article caught my eye. It seems that this icon of country music had made a list of 100 Essential Country Songs and passed it down to his daughter Roseanne when she was eighteen. She has now recorded twelve of them in a recording called “The List.” From the experience of the father comes a list that has now been interpreted by the child and has been shared with the larger community. I saw possibilities for the church in what I was reading.

For more than sixty years my Dad preached and taught the Scriptures in churches, seminaries, and colleges. His work as a biblical scholar, pastoral preacher, and administrative leader gave him a unique perspective to offer a list of 100 Essential Scripture Passages. Knowing that he was faced with a terminal illness, I asked him for a list of the essential passages from the perspective of his long ministry. You will find his suggestions in this brochure. I believe that your spiritual journey will be enriched by giving thoughtful and prayerful study to these passages from the Bible.

Here is a suggestion for the beginning of a New Year at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. What if we began the New Year with a personal commitment to reading these 100 Essential Scripture Passages? This can be done individually. Then, what if we gathered each Wednesday night to explore the eight passages that the congregation will choose for learning and discussion to begin 2019? I encourage you to do the following:

1. Begin on January 12 and read one passage per day. Let these words of Scripture lead you into a time of prayer. Discuss what you are reading each day with family and friends. The 100 passages will take you from January 12 until Easter. If we all set out on such a journey, this would make an enriching time of spiritual renewal as the New Year begins.

2. Select eight passages that you would like for us to use as the focus of Wednesday night SPdLU sessions for the months of January and February. You can make these selections by clicking here. What passages would you like to study on Wednesday nights? Let me know what you are thinking.

3. Join us for the Wednesday night teaching series called THE LIST that will begin on January 9. I will be joined by other teachers who will teach the eight passages that have been most requested by the church. Our study together as a community will hopefully strengthen our private devotions and daily reading over these months.

I am most grateful for THE LIST provided by my Dad. I invite you to make a sacred journey through these verses in the hope that we will all be blessed by the music of God’s grace.