A Year of We

by Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

Worshiping together is a central part of who we are as the people of God. Worship leaders are prepared and worshipers are eager. There is always a sense of vibrancy and expectation when we are together. But worship is not the only part of our life together…

We play and laugh and learn together.
We take food when babies are born,
We check on each other in the hospital.
We eat dinner in each other’s homes.
We go to our kid’s ballet recitals.
We are doing life together.

Author Brene’ Brown makes a great distinction between “fitting in” and “belonging.” Second-Ponce is one place where we do not worry about fitting in, we belong. It is a place where we bring our real selves and try to live life in community.

We’re calling 2018 A Year of We: Doing Life Together. Second-Ponce is always happy to have you worship with us on Sundays, but I want to invite you to come be part of the rest of our life together. Allow this community to celebrate your victories, mourn your losses and care deeply for the life lived in-between. And extend an invitation to others who may be searching for a place to belong.

Life is hard enough; let’s not do it alone.

I love being your pastor,