Second-Ponce is an inclusive faith community with an open and friendly spirit. We are a loving congregation fashioning our lives in the example of Christ, and embracing our world with God’s transforming love. Our intergenerational congregation offers a small, neighborhood atmosphere with the amenities of a large church.

As a church family, we offer our real selves and try to live life in real community. Second-Ponce is always happy to have you worship with us on Sundays, but we invite you to come be part of the rest of our lives together. Allow this community to celebrate your victories, mourn your losses and care deeply for the life lived in-between.

Our intergenerational congregation offers a small community feel with the amenities of a large church where we honor traditional worship with a modern-day message. Our goal is to develop a personal connection with our members, ministers and staff. At Second-Ponce, we want to know you.