By combining partnerships and hands-on service, Second-Ponce seeks to “take the whole gospel to the whole person,” as demonstrated by Jesus during his ministry on earth.

We describe our mission work as being engaged (local, Atlanta-wide and state of Georgia missions efforts) and global (mission fields in other states, countries and continents). Our intentional relationships in these two areas offer connections through partnerships, service and prayer.


We are intentional to identify and partner with those serving God's people by caring for their physical, mental, spiritual health. 


We host and participate in a variety of mission service opportunities including weekly flower delivery to shut-ins, food collection for local pantries, after-school program support for kids in Miami, Florida and so much more.


We know not everyone can financially contribute to or physically go to mission service outings. Second-Ponce maintains an active prayer support system for missions as a way for everyone to feel actively involved in serving God's people.