Second-Ponce Ministers and Staff

Our Ministers

Timothy Boone

Minister to Young Adults

Heather Franklin

Interim Minister of Missions and Students

Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

Senior Pastor

Dr. David Hull

Associate Pastor

Steve Rotz

Minister of Music

Josh Scott

Associate Pastor to Youth & Families

Rev. Heather Lamb Webb

Associate Pastor to Children & Families

Our Complete Staff

Boone, Timothy Minister to Young Adults (404) 591-4410 email
Franklin, Heather Minister of Missions and Youth (404) 591-4375 email
Hollingsworth, Dock Senior Pastor (404) 591-4344 email
Hull, David Associate Pastor (404) 591-4341 email
Rotz, Stephen Minister of Music (404) 591-4352 email
Webb, Heather Associate Pastor to Children and Families (404) 591-4366 email
Baumstark, Tiffany Director of Administrative Systems (404) 591-4351 email
Collins, Diane Financial Secretary (404) 591-4349 email
Dixon, Jane Accountant (404) 591-4359 email
Harris, Jayne Receptionist M-Th (404) 591-4340 email
McCaskey, Vicki Ministry Assistant to the Pastor, Ministry Assistant for Pastoral Care, Wedding Coordinator (404) 591-4344 email
Miller, Jeff Church Administrator (404) 591-4356 email
Young, Candice Communications Director (404) 591-4346 email
Baerg, Verleen Organist / Music Associate (404) 591-4371 email
Rotz, Steve Minister of Music & Director of Sounds of Faith (404) 591-4350 email
Watts, Ron Ministry Assistant for Music (404) 591-4369 email
DeLong, Dorsey The Preschool at Second-Ponce Office Coordinator (404) 591-4376 email
Maxwell, Mary Hunter The Preschool at Second-Ponce Director (404) 591-4374 email
McDowell, Gordy Facilities Manager (404) 591-4354 email
Collins, Diane FLC Membership Assistant (404) 591-4382 email
Kelly, Cedric FLC Interim General Manager (404) 591-4367 email