Second-Ponce Ministers and Staff

Our Ministers

Dr. David Hull

Associate Pastor

Rev. Josh Scott

Associate Pastor to Students & Families & Young Adults

Rev. Heather Lamb Webb

Associate Pastor to Children & Families

Our Complete Staff

Hollingsworth, Dock Senior Pastor (404) 591-4344 email
Hull, David Associate Pastor (404) 591-4341 email
Harmel, Keith Interim Minister of Music    
Scott, Josh Associate Pastor to Students and Families and Young Adults (404) 591-4376 email
Webb, Heather Associate Pastor to Children and Families (404) 591-4366 email
Baumstark, Tiffany Director of Administrative Systems (404) 591-4351 email
Collins, Diane Financial Secretary (404) 591-4349 email
Dixon, Jane Accountant (404) 591-4359 email
Harris, Jayne Receptionist M-Th (404) 591-4340 email
McCaskey, Vicki Ministry Assistant to the Pastor, Ministry Assistant for Pastoral Care, Wedding Coordinator (404) 591-4344 email
Miller, Jeff Church Administrator (404) 591-4356 email
Young, Candice Communications Director (404) 591-4346 email
Baerg, Verleen Organist / Music Associate (404) 591-4371 email
Harmel, Keith Director of Sounds of Faith (404) 591-4412 email
Rotz, Steve Minister of Music & Director of Sounds of Faith (404) 591-4350 email
Watts, Ron Ministry Assistant for Music (404) 591-4369 email
DeLong, Dorsey The Preschool at Second-Ponce Office Coordinator (404) 591-4376 email
Maxwell, Mary Hunter The Preschool at Second-Ponce Director (404) 591-4374 email
McDowell, Gordy Facilities Manager (404) 591-4354 email
Collins, Diane FLC Membership Assistant (404) 591-4382 email
Kelly, Cedric FLC General Manager (404) 591-4367 email