Planning your wedding can be an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful one. We know finding the location for your ceremony takes a significant weight off your shoulders. To determine if Second-Ponce is the right place for this special day, we ask that you read through our policies below. Regardless of what you decide, we offer our sincere congratulations- You’re getting married!


Second-Ponce provides the services of the wedding coordinator to assist with scheduling, planning and providing information and assistance throughout the process. Additional personal coordinators are allowed, but they must work directly with Second-Ponce for planning and execution and to ensure that the policies and guidelines of the church are followed. Our coordinator will also provide you with the final contract that locks in all of the details.

setting the date & time

We will try our best to accommodate a specific date and time to host your wedding. It’s best to choose a few possible options especially during busy “wedding seasons” (spring, summer & holidays).

Booking the Minister

Typically, a member of our ministerial staff performs weddings at Second-Ponce. If you are not familiar with our pastoral leadership, we will provide to you with information to help choose your officiant. Ministers not on staff at Second-Ponce must be approved by our senior or associate pastor.

Choosing the Music

We believe wedding ceremonies are an act of worship and as such their music should be a reflection of this belief. We do not allow pre-recorded music, but our talented church organist will be glad to work with you in making instrumental selections. All musical selections and performing musicians must be approved by our minister of music.

Decorating for the Ceremony

We understand that most people have a vision for how their wedding ceremony will look, and that vision often includes decor that you’ve purchased or made. All decorations must be approved before installation by our wedding coordinator.

For ease, we offer a free, classic set-up of a unity candle stand, kneeling bench and two white columns for floral arrangements (approximately 4’ tall). If you wish to decorate further, please note the following guidelines:

  • Signs cannot be posted, affixed or distributed on church property without the approval of the church administrator.

  • Decorations of any kind cannot be taped, tacked, nailed or clamped to the pews, walls or woodwork. Any decoration attached to the pews must be tied.

  • No standard wax tapered candles are permitted at the wedding (or reception); however, candles placed in hurricane glasses, chase candles and battery operated candles are permitted.

  • For safety, aisle runners cannot be used in the Sanctuary or Chapel.

  • Chairs in the choir loft cannot be removed or tilted.

  • Church fixtures and furniture in the Sanctuary and Chapel may not be moved with the exception of the pulpit and chairs on the platform.

  • During the Christmas season, the decorations installed by the church may not be removed.

  • Flower girls may drop only silk petals.

  • Rice is not permitted. Birdseed, bubbles, etc., are permitted only outside of the church building.

  • The florist is responsible for removing all decorations immediately following the ceremony (and reception).

Documenting the Day

Photography & Videography

Both photography and videography are permitted but not provided for your wedding day prep, ceremony and reception. Our wedding coordinator will work with these professionals to create a plan that both thoughtfully captures the day and is respectful to your guests.

Accessing the Space

The building will be open two hours before the wedding to allow time for dressing, photography and floral and food preparations.

In the event that multiple weddings and/or church events are scheduled on the same day, a minimum of two hours for clean up must be allowed following each event. After that two-hour period, the next scheduled party’s participants may begin their two-hour preparation period.

The length of time for both the wedding and reception must be agreed upon in advance with the wedding coordinator.

Providing Security

Security for the parking lot is provided free of charge until 5 p.m. on Saturdays. It is strongly suggested that security be provided after this time, and for large weddings, a traffic director is encouraged (think Peachtree Road on a weekend). Security and traffic coordination must be arranged through our wedding coordinator and fees paid to the church at least two weeks before the wedding (traffic officers: must have 2; $65 per hour, 4-hour minimum; security officer: $65 per hour, 4-hour minimum).


The Fellowship Hall is available for wedding receptions if the ceremony has taken place at Second-Ponce. Linens, dishes, silverware and glassware are included in the space rental fee. While we do not allow outside food to be served, we have a wonderful caterer that has decades of experience providing delicious small bites and full meals for weddings. Our Fellowship Hall and caterer can also be booked for your rehearsal dinner. Our wedding coordinator can help you with planning either or both of these celebrations.


There are a few other general guidelines to share:

  • The marriage license is due to the officiating minister or wedding coordinator no later than the ceremony rehearsal. A delay in receiving this document could mean a delay in the wedding.

  • No alcohol or tobacco use is allowed anywhere on the Second-Ponce campus.

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the dressing areas. If you’d like to provide snacks for the wedding party before the ceremony, an area can be set up in the Fellowship Hall free of charge.

  • Parking of any vehicles, including limousines, will only be allowed in designated areas. Parking on grassy areas or the flagstone walkway in front of the church is prohibited.

renting the space

Below are the rental fees associated with the available ceremony and reception spaces here at Second-Ponce.

Ready to Start?

If Second-Ponce sounds like the perfect location for your wedding or if you have a few more questions before making a decision, Vicki McCaskey in the church office can help. Call her at 404.591.4344 or click the button below to send an email.