Worship with Us

Second-Ponce is a congregation committed to worship. We begin with time-honored traditional elements and look to apply them in inspiring ways. Our worship style is “creatively traditional” as we lift the name of Christ in a way that authentically reflects our multi-generational congregation.

Our ministers and congregation participate in worship through the gifts of music, prayer, proclamation and written word. Our approach continually seeks to worship with a level of depth which honors God but also engages our God-given intellect and curiosity. At Second-Ponce, we value everyone’s faith expression in a spirit of hospitality and truth.

Worship services are held each Sunday at 11 a.m. in our Sanctuary. Most people wear business casual or more formal attire while our ministers traditionally wear suits.

October Sermon Topics and Scriptures

October 7

When I Give, I’m INcluded from Leviticus 27:30-34 preached by Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

October 14

When I Give, I’m INvested from Matthew 6:19-21 preached by Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

October 21

When I Give, I’m INvolved from Luke 14: 12-14 preached by Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

October 28

When I Give, I’m INspired from John 12: 1-11 preached by Dr. Dock Hollingsworth